Meditation Concepts and Principles for Creativity

Understanding meditation and how to use it to create what you desire in a faster, easier and gentler way

Copyright 2006 by K. Ferlic, All Rights Reserved

Meditation Concepts and Principles for Creativity is an application of a powerful interdisciplinary understanding of a technology of creativity interlinked through a common set of information to create health, wealth, inner satisfaction or whatever we desire to create.

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What is this site about? (Top)

Meditation concepts and principles for creativity address and utilize the relationship between creativity and meditation. It utilizes the aspects of creativity inherent in meditation and related practices. It provides guidance on how to use meditation in your creative endeavors.

What is meditation? (Top)

Unless you follow a strict and prescribed tradition  and/or teacher, you will find meditation is a concept much like the concept of love. You can look in the dictionary and find a definition but its use and what it means to a particular individual varies widely. How to experience meditation will have as many different ways as there are people.

Although there are several common and typical ways to meditate, what ultimately works for you may or may not be any of these common techniques. You may find the technique you ultimately use is not something that is used by another or even can be used by another.

As used here, meditation is about holding an inner focus to create a desired experience. As a creative tool, meditation is about facilitating the exploration of your inner world to help understand and how that inner world ultimately gets translated into an experience of your external world. As such it encompasses becoming aware of our thoughts and how we thinks. It is becoming mindful and aware of where we are placing the focus of out attention and awareness. It is about exploring our inner world and how that inner world ultimately gets translated into an experience of our external world. It is about learning to observe ourselves in relationship, in action, and ultimately in everything we does. (More on....What is meditation?)

Why meditate? (Top)

There are a variety of reasons that can be given for “Why meditate?”.  Many of these reasons have been complied for your review. You may have experienced one or more of these reasons if you undertake a meditative practice regardless of your initial intention for meditating.

From a creativity perspective exploring meditation is about learning to both meditate on our life and what our life reveals but also to make our life a meditation. To do this, it can be said, there are four reason to meditate. They are: remove the disturbances of mind (silence the mind), become a detached witness, develop a single point focus, access one half of the creative process. (More on ... Why meditate?)

What does meditation have to do with creativity? (Top)

From a creativity perspective, there is nothing special about meditation and the associated types of practices. You can achieve the same results in other ways. Rather meditation is an effective creative tool to focus the thinking in our mind.  (More on .... meditation as a creative tool)

As a creative tool, the issue is not to meditate as an end in itself. Rather, it is to use the creative properties within meditation to create. (More on ..... how to use meditation as a creative tool)

Intent of this web site (Top)

The intent of this web site is to provide free of charge an understanding of the creative powers inherent in meditation. In particular, to provide an understanding as to how to use meditation to focus on our own truth to claim your birthright as the creators that you are.

Truth in labeling - disclaimers (Top)

Most meditation and related practices are associated with some type of spiritual or religious traditions. Or, they have been secularized for application to achieve one of the stated reasons to meditate or its side benefits. For example, probably the most common application of meditation in the secular world is for tension reduction.

Although this material is very consistent with traditional concepts of meditation, the approach to meditation recommended on this webs site and used in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity Technology has no associations with any spiritual, religions or secular tradition. The material available here is orientated toward providing you with an understanding about meditation to use it as a tool to create what you desire and/or release you unlimited creativity. As such, the applications of the meditation concepts discussed on this web site may or may not be consistent with the meditation concepts you have been exposed to in the past.

The meditation concepts and principles provided here and the recommendations made are to be used solely as the creative tools that they are. Your intention for meditation and your choice of approach is what determines what is created with meditation and/or what affiliations you create in its use. If you have chosen to subscribe to a particular tradition, spiritual, esoteric or otherwise, that uses meditation, these concepts may or may not be useful to you. What is provided here and the recommendations made are directed toward exploring your own truth and taking responsibility for what you create in your life at each and every level of your being.

However if you have any interest in accessing and releasing your unlimited creativity, claim your birthright as a being of unlimited creativity, and create any experience you choose, these concepts will be very beneficial to you for that effort.

In any case, it is recommended you use what is effective in your life to achieve what you desire. If these concepts are effective, use them. If not, find some other techniques more effective for you journey. (More on .... truth in labeling and disclaimers)

Approach (Top)

Three areas of meditation are addressed on this site. One is techniques. A second is understanding. The third is how to use meditation to focus on our own truth and to claim our birthright as the creators that we are.

Meditation Techniques (Top)

Techniques are provided that you can use in your creative endeavors. Most have some supportive discussion and/or explanation for their use. These techniques are designed for you to take what you can use. Here again, it is recommended you use what is effective for what you wish to create. (More on .... suggested mediation technique)

Understanding Meditation (Top)

Understanding is essential to becoming a conscious creator. To access and release the creative power that we need to create what we desire, we each need to ultimately become a creative force true to ourselves and in full alignment with the truth within our being. To do that we need to develop those techniques that work best for us.

We can borrow from another. But, if we wish to claim our birthright as the creative beings that we are, we must take what we borrow, eat and digest it, and then make it our own. It is much the way we eat food. We must eat the food and take it inside and digest it. In digesting it we take what is useful and then discard the remained.

So too anything we use. We must take what is given inside and digest it. If we don’t digest it, we simply become a copy of what is given to us and create our world in the image of another. The understanding provided here will help you to understand the creative power inherent within meditation and related techniques. Then, within that understanding you can digest any technique and use what is useful and consistent with your truth  and discard the rest.
(More on .... understanding meditation)

Accessing Our Truth Through Meditation (Top)

Our creative power resides within the truth of our being. The approach used here directs you toward your own truth. The focus is to learn to use meditation to access our own truth with the intention to bring it out into the world. (More on ..... focusing on our own truth)

The Next Step

The recommended next step is for you to choose what you seek and go get it or create it. If you wish, to use mediation as creative to go get what you seek, a guided path to get started on using meditation as a creative tool is provided. Click here to pursue a guided path to using meditation as a creative tool.

Item for Consideration

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